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Yoghurt & Apology Cupcakes

We talk about our weeks over this tasty cocktail/dessert:

Double Chocolate Porter Bourbon Float
AKA Sex Panther Float

Adapted from The Rising Spoon

Makes 2 floats

  • Porter or stout beer(I used San Tan Brewery's Sex Panther. Breckenridge's Vanilla Porter, or Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout would be great also.)
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • 1/2 oz whiskey or bourbon

Put two scoops of ice cream in each frosted mug. Pour half the porter in each glass, and drizzle a bit of bourbon over the top. Enjoy with a spoon and straw unless you want ice cream all over your face.


This episode includes an unexpected visitor bearing cupcakes (you won't believe who it is!). We virtually peek inside our closets and share our go-to pieces and accessories. Erica loves these chambray shirts and these skinny jeans. She gives her closet a grade a la Sherry from Young House Love to determine what stays and what goes. Kelsey desperately wants to rock a blazer and a statement necklace.

We're also talking organization and productivity on this episode. How do you meal plan and grocery shop? Inquiring minds need to know. Erica has a specific plan of attack that's working for her right now, and Kelsey's winging it with some basic rules but is always on the hunt for the perfect system. She wrote about it here, here, and here on her blog. We're also sharing all of our tricks for staying motivated and productive at work.  Banjo music is one of them.

Great reads and great finds always top our list of current obsessions. Erica talks about her Best of 2013 Nightstand Reviews. Kelsey is reading The Best Food Writing of 2013, The Creative Habit, and is obsessed with the British spelling of yogurt in The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

Kelsey's current obsession is the super cute kids' CD Here Come the ABC's by They Might Be Giants, and Erica is watching unhealthy amounts of Dance Moms and Sister Wives.

We'd love to connect with you! Comment below and tell us about what you do to meal plan, stay productive, or ward off stray felines. Weigh in on sister wife fashion and whether it's a yard, rummage, garage or tag sale. 

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