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We eat a lot of yogurt at our house. Based on yogurt consumption around here you might think we are a family of 6. We are, in fact, three. And one of us is a dog and technically isn't supposed to eat yogurt. We're hooked on the Greek-style Chobani yogurt, plain + non-fat. The husband loves it because it has lots of protein and very little sugar. It's delicious with almond slivers and honey. So when I read that making your own yogurt is not only possible but seems pretty easy Chris and I knew we had to try it.... Read more →

We rang in the new year with friends, bubbly drinks, and frosty weather - brrrr! And today we sipped hot coffee while at Cosmo Dog Park with our vizsla, Drew. A pretty good start to the year already, no? My New Year's resolution list this year includes: Go paperless and plastic-less in the kitchen. Less waste, fewer potential toxins leaching into my lunch. (inspiration from here) Get outside more! And practice my rusty birding skills. Hopefully I'll be spending more timehere. Save enough money to buy a (new to me) Prius. When the Arizona heat really gets going, the a/c... Read more →