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Prius Envy

Getting Green in the Kitchen

And I don’t mean eating more spinach. Although I should do that too.

I mean going paperless and plasticless in the kitchen, which is one of my 2011 resolutions. I've made big progress on the paperless front: I purchased a stack of flour sack towels to take the place of paper towels and lots of wash cloth rags for wiping counter tops and cleaning up spills. I also snapped up some cloth napkins from World Market, where they have quite a selection.


For awhile the big hold up was that there was no established paperless system: a place to store towels and napkins and place to put used ones. So last weekend I tackled organizing the cabinet under the sink, which has been hanging out on my to-do list since January!

Here are the contents of the under-sink cabinet on display:


To organize the cabinet I used storage bins that we already owned and purchased two additional storage bins at Target. It's organized although a bit tight on space so the arrangement will probably need some tweaking. I couldn't find an ideal bin for towel and napkin laundry so for now I'm using a paper grocery sack. But overall, it's a huge improvement!


As for the plasticless front: we’re still using the Tupperware – argh! Which means that Tupperware is still overflowing from the bottom shelf of our pantry and driving me nuts – double argh! A friend recommended the Glass Lock brand so I need to assess what sizes we need, purchase some Glass Lock, and recycle the Tupperware containers. Good riddance! Stay tuned for updates…