It's Getting Hot in Here
Goals - June 2011

Cubicle Makeover

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit “blah” about work – do you ever feel that way too? I’m trying to be proactive to change my attitude and one of the ideas that I had was a desk makeover!

At my desk currently there's not much no personality and it’s not very organized. I’ve got binders of papers I don’t need any more, I don’t have a reliable filing system, and I definitely don’t have any personal touches or bit of inspiration to brighten my day. Overall the desk makes me feel unorganized and unmotivated, what a wonder I feel "blah" after sitting there 40+ hours a week!

Our office has a very open concept so I don’t have so much of a cubicle as I do a desk. I don’t have much “wall” space to work with and I must be efficient with any desk adornments since I frequently spread out maps and papers. Since my desk connects to my colleague’s behind me and several people can see my desk I also have to be mindful about not having TOO much personality at my desk.

Here are some ideas that I have for the desk makeover:

  • framed artwork of nature-inspired prints or quotes to remind me of my passion for the environment
  • one or two potted plants to provide a bit of greenery. Plants definitely make me happy
  • framed pictures of Chris and me and of Drew to remind me of the ones I love at home
  • replace the office supplies that came with the desk (paperclip holder, monitor stand, business card holder, pencil/pen cup) with ones that have more personality
  • devise a better filing system to keep track of papers related to current projects, admin related things, resources, etc.
  • have my desk “made over” by August 1 (or sooner!)

I feel better just having a plan in place. Now I need to start tracking down these items that will transform my desk into an enjoyable workspace!