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Christmas Cards are Happening!


It's our first year to send Christmas cards; I feel like such an adult.

Chris's sister was so sweet to snap a few pics of us the weekend after Thanksgiving. We're so lucky to have a talented photographer in the family; she was our wedding photographer too! But as talented as she is, it was so hard to get Drew to look into the camera. This is my favorite outtake, he looks like a vizsla statue!


As I put together our address list I loved thinking of each person who will get a card. Many of them are family and friends we don't get to see often enough. I'm glad they'll soon find warm wishes of holiday cheer from us in their mailbox!

Last night one of my friends had a few gals over and we sipped mugs of hot chocolate, chatted away, and addressed our cards together. I was able to put my return address stamp to good use! It was such a fun gathering, I hope it'll become a tradition.

This weekend I'm running the 12K and then picking out the Wharton family Christmas tree is on the agenda! It's always so fun to get out all the ornaments. I especially love the annual Texas State Capitol ornaments that my parents have given me over the years. Ah, Texas.

Hope you have a cozy weekend!

P.S. This family Christmas card made me laugh! Oh so true.