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Goals - February 2012

In It for the Long Hair

Right now I'm working on growing my hair out. Yes, literally right now. I was going to list "grow out my hair" as one of my goals for 2012 but it felt a little bit too much like listing something you've already done on a to-do list, just so you can cross it off (which I totally do). So it's not an official goal but know that I'm working on it, even in my sleep!


{engagement photo shoot/the most exciting thing my hair will ever do}

So, let's talk more about my hair, shall we? It seems I've usually had medium to shortish hair (~shoulder lenghth or shorter). The few times I've grown grow out my hair it starts to look flat and thin and then I decide to cut it. Rinse and repeat. 

Last spring and summer I had a super cute shorter cut that was a bit angled toward the front and I loved it. It was the trendiest cut I've ever had and I'm not one to feel trendy very often (I get fashion advice from a book!). But it was so short I couldn't get it all in a pony tail and had to use approximately one million bobby pins to pin back the stray hairs. And still one would come loose and bother me during spin class.


{yay! for good friends getting married and for short hair!}

And so I found myself wishing for longer locks. I think the key to growing out my hair and keeping it long will be to get it as healthy as possible. Typically I blow-dry my hair everyday and frequently use a hair straightener; I'm pretty sure this has left my hair dry and probably a bit damaged. Here's my plan for getting my hair as healthy as possible while I grow it out:

+ Switch my hair products. I've been using Aveda prodcuts for years but even though their products use "natural" ingredients the shampoo still has sulfates, which I've read are pretty harsh. At the recommendation of Rachel at Small Notebook I bought Jason Restorative Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner at Whole Foods as well as Giovanni Vitapro Fusion, which is described as a "protective moisture leave-in hair treatment". 

+ Blow-dry my hair less often. My hair doesn't look great when it dries naturally, I have just a tiny bit of wave in my hair but not enough to qualify as having wavy hair. Instead it just looks a bit messy, but not in the cute beach-hair way. Just the messy, un-cute way. Maybe as my hair gets healthier it'll look better without blow-drying.

+ Get my hair trimmed regularly. I'm also growing out the layers in my hair and my stylist told me to get my hair trimmed about every 8-10 weeks and to get the layers trimmed every other trip. So it's kind of two steps forward, one step back. Arg! My next trim is scheduled for early Feburary.

+ Try some homemade hair masks. Tracy and Joy said coconut oil is a great treatment and I recently tried an avocado hair mask! That's just how I entertain myself on a Friday afternoon. Details later this week!

Cheers to healthy, long hair!