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Avocado + Honey...In My Hair

Since I have a *slight* obsession with healthy hair lately I've been browsing blogs and websites for home remedies for healthy hair (like these at The Beauty Department). I kept seeing avocado pop up in hair mask recipes. Then, while I was at Whole Foods getting new shampoo I even noticed an avocado hair mask...for a mere $23.


I was pretty sure I could mash up an avocado for less than $23. So I decided to try out my first homemade hair mask.

So, after reading a few recipes for avocado hair masks I just decided to wing it. 


I combined approximately 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of honey in a bowl. Since I was going to be smearing it on my hair I thought it would feel better if it was warm. So I micowaved the olive oil + honey mixture for about 30 seconds; it was a good call.

3_honey and oil 

The avocado got mashed.

3b_mashed avo

This guy thought I might be making a delicious treat for him. It was a treat...but just for my hair, not for vizslas.


Next I combined the warm olive oil + honey and avocado. I'm not an expert in these matters but I'm pretty sure the resulting mixture looked similar to...baby poo? Enough so that I won't share a picture here. You can imagine it. Instead, here's what an empty avocado looks like.

5a_empty avocado

Anyway, I took my hair salad dressing to the bathroom and worked it into my hair (which was dry). It felt a bit weird and when I was done it looked like I'd been in charge of feeding avocados to a herd of toddlers. The quest for healthy hair is not always easy! To make it even more awesome, when I was done I donned my awesome new pink shower cap and let the hair mask do its thing. Shoot, I totally forgot to take pictures of that...

After about 30 minutes I rinsed out the mask, shampooed my hair and dried it and...

OK, I can't say that my hair dramatically changed from being dry to being soft and shiny with just half an avocado BUT I do think my hair felt a bit more moisturized afterwards. I'd definitely do the hair mask again. Plus for the next day my hair had a faint, and not unpleasant, aroma of avocado, olive oil, and honey!

If you've tried any homemade hair masks, do tell!