Summer Series 5K #1
Hair Treatment: Moroccan Argan Oil

Goals - June 2012


May, you were awesome. You didn't go by too fast but you didn't drag on either. You brought more time with my husband, the much anticipated purchase of my Priussewing, learning and inspiration during Blog 2.0, and the organization of the guest bathroom cabinets (details next week!). Sadly a killer margarita was not made (yet!).

But on to June. Oh June, you mean that summer is really here. On the one hand our life slows down a lot during the summer and I relish that. On the other hand it gets so so hot (112 today already!) and I opposite-of-relish that. But I've got some ideas for a summer survival plan, or perhaps I'll call it a summer manifesto, as it seems to be the thing to do...stay tuned.

I plan for June to be filled with:

+ putting away all my winter clothes and getting summer clothes out of storage

+ organizing the kitchen cabinets. (This one scares me but it will be so worth it!)

+ checking out a Gilbert public pool

+ going on a photo walk

Happy June!